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Hunch Ventures is a multi-stage sector-agnostic investment vehicle headquartered in New Delhi, India. Founded by Karanpal Singh on 1st January, 2016, Hunch focuses on investments across a range of sectors including Aviation, Ports & Logistics, Health, Retail, Food, Hospitality, Education, Luxury & Lifestyle, Media and New Age technology, among companies that hold distinct synergies with each other.


Hunch partners with innovative and visionary entrepreneurs, who use technology effectively to improve consumer experience. Hunch makes investments with an ethos that prioritizes and values people above all else. It is through their ideas, the teams they build, and the entrepreneurship applied towards execution of their ideas that the world will be changed. Hunch has invested in excess of 30 million USD in companies that fulfil these criteria. Karan has Amit Dutta as a partner at Hunch to build this vision

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Karanpal Singh 


Karanpal Singh is the Founder of Hunch Ventures, an investment vehicle headquartered in New Delhi. Hunch is rooted in the idea that investment decisions are not based solely on excel sheets but instincts about people.


With investments across sectors such as health, retail, hospitality, education, media and new age technology, he has built a varied portfolio for Hunch Ventures, bringing together some of the best entrepreneurs and founders. He is a strong believer that businesses succeed if they balance innovation and collaboration with passion and integrity.


Karan comes from a close-knit family. He is respected across the investment and business fraternity as an investor who truly values partnerships and relationships, taking pride and pleasure in growing together

Amit Dutta

Managing Partner

Amit Dutta has spent the last 10 years as an entrepreneur with ventures in lifestyle services, consulting and specialty tea. He made the transition to venture capital in mid-2018 by joining Hunch Ventures who had earlier invested in his startups, Quintessentially Lifestyle Services India & Teamonk Global. Along with being an entrepreneur and managing partner at hunch, Amit is also the MD of FlyBLADE India. He has over 21 years experience with reputed corporates in the Category of Management, Marketing and Sales with P&L experience across a breadth of Product and Service categories leading large cross-functional teams. He has played a key role in nurturing and building powerful Brands in India like American Express, GM-Chevrolet, Reliance Wireless & Quintessentially Lifestyle Services India.

Amit began his entrepreneurial journey with Luxury Hues Consulting in 2009, where they offer Reward & Privileges platforms to corporates, banks luxury automobiles to engage their affluent & high spending customers. He founded Quintessentially Lifestyle Services India in 2010. They are the exclusive franchise holders of Quintessentially, founded in the UK in 2000 as a private members club and concierge service with a network in over 70 cities worldwide. In 2016, Amit Co founded Teamonk Global along with a few Ex Unilever colleagues. Teamonk offers 100% pure and natural speciality teas to consumers in India and International markets through an omni channel platform. Their unique signature tea experiences are created exclusively by tea connoisseurs.

Amit is also a Co-Chair of the CII Task Force on Luxury, and a Member of Steering Committee of CII Future Business Group.

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