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Cloud Raxak’s award winning (Gartner Cool Vendor 2016) subscription-based security configuration management solution, available as a SaaS service or as an on-prem appliance, simplifies and automates the process of consistently applying 300-500 critical controls derived from international standards, comprehensively to your hybrid IT infrastructures (across all public and private clouds, an on-prem elements), continuously over the entire infrastructure lifecycle. We have shown our worldwide customers that we can reduce customer cyber risk by over 95% while simultaneously reducing management costs by over 85%. Visit their website for more information and for a cybersecurity risk assessment to evaluate your enterprise’s infrastructure security posture. Cloud Raxak is partnered with IBM, HPE, Intel, AWS, and Azure.

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Sesh Murthy

Senior Vice President, CTO, & Co-Founder
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Sesh has 25 years in research and executive positions in the cloud and technology services area. He specializes in helping customers adopt leading edge technologies to achieve business value while minimizing risk. Sesh's role includes identifying customer needs, and enabling large customers to move their workloads securely to the cloud.

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Prasanna Mulgaonkar

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
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Vinu has over 25 years of experience in the Telecommunications and Enterprise software industry. He is the Founder of vMobo Inc. Prior to vMobo, he established an IT Data center Software company and was the visionary behind creating the ‘Collation’ software. Collation was acquired by IBM in 2005. As the Vice President of Software Engineering at Covad Communications, Vinu was the company's first software engineering employee. As the man behind the development of the company’s Business Operations Support Systems, he led a team that deployed one of the largest application suites into production enabling a zero-touch service provisioning system.

Vinu was also Program Director for Development at TCSI where he led the development of distributed management software products for telecom service providers worldwide. Additionally, he has held senior positions at Ascom Nexion, Timeplex and NJIT. As a thought leader, he has written many articles on management systems and holds four patents in the area. Vinu holds a MSEE from New Jersey Institute of Technology and a BSEE from REC Warangal, India. He lives in Bangalore, India and Fremont, CA, with his wife and two children. In his spare time he likes to put on the hat of an amateur golfer and a private pilot.