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Blade Anywhere Charter Services Launched

By opting for this luxurious experience one can skip the crowd of public flights with reduced touchpoints, short waits, and specially designed face masks

In some traffic-choked cities in the world, helicopters are a solution. Intercity flying in your own helicopter is an experience in itself. With premium carriers and expert team to curate the best travel experience for you, BLADE India is all set to revamp the way you travel between cities

The pioneer in urban air mobility space in India has now come up with end-to-end facilities under their programme ‘BLADE Anywhere’.

It is an extension of the brand’s time-efficient, short haul flights and seamless experience, connecting any destination with more value additions. It provides a safe, hassle free, personalised and convenient options for customers opting for charter services.

The service has initially been launched in Maharashtra. By the seat services start on November 2. Bookings can be made through their website, mobile app as well as a Flier Relations team.

Under this programme, whenever customers book a charter, a dedicated relationship manager will be assigned to cater to all their travel requirements.

Customers can enjoy personalised pick-up and drop-off facilities via on-ground premium automobile partners, and receive customised food and beverage menus.

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