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Blade (officially) launches in India with flights between Mumbai/Pune/Shirdi

Blade is an American chopper charter company with a considerable presence in New York, San Francisco & Los Angeles. It is a type of air-taxi where you can buy a seat on an existing route. One can also crowdsource their flights and sell seats across Blade’s platform. In addition to this, Blade also provides Helicopter transfers from Manhattan to neighbouring airports. They are the largest helicopter service provider for civilians in the USA. Recently, they dropped the prices for their JFK to Manhattan services, which brings you into the city for just USD 195. If you want to try them out, you should use the code AJAYA739 to get USD 50 off your helicopter flight from/to Manhattan/Wall Street to the airports (JFK/La Guardia/Newark) and back.

For the first time, Blade will venture outside of USA. Blade announced their Indian operations back in December 2018. It took them a while to bring the concept to execution, having done a soft launch only in November 2019, where they have been offering flights between Mumbai/Pune, Mumbai/Shirdi and Shirdi/Pune using an Airbus 130 (VT-ISG) and has now added a Bell 407 helicopter to the fleet.

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