• Priya Kumari Rana

Blade Runner

A helicopter service with an end-to-end experience – from soothing lounges to a safe and comfortable ride, with drops and pick-ups – this is what commuting between cities post Covid will look like. Blade India is forging a new path with services from Mumbai to Pune and Shirdi, and soon in Karnataka, your next meeting or leisure jaunt is a 30-minute hop away!

Imagine hopping into a chopper and breezing from Mumbai to Pune in half an hour for a business meeting, instead of being stuck in a six-hour road trip via the highway… or reaching your favourite resort in Chikmagalur in 20 minutes, taking in the beauty of mountains and lakes, without the hassle of a traffic jam or a long, tedious drive. All this is now possible in India, where a special helicopter service brought to India by Karanpal Singh, Founder, Hunch Ventures and Blade India, for those who value time and convenience above all else, is a luxury that is fast becoming a necessity. Enjoy a light snack or coffee in a special lounge before you board, once in your seat, get your own iPad to enjoy music (Jio Saavn is a partner), coffee in hand, and peruse the countryside with stunning aerial vistas…happy with the feeling that you are not one of those stuck in their cars on an interminable commute. And once you land, you’re whisked away to your destination in a BMW or an Audi if you so wish!

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