• Rhik Kundu

Fly Blade, ‘Uber of Helicopters’, set to take off from Mumbai

US-based helicopter flight firm Fly Blade has formed a joint venture with Hunch Ventures to start intercity helicopter service from Mumbai to Pune and Shirdi, though operations initially will be intracity

Mumbai: Come March, booking a seat on a helicopter will be just a tap of an app away. Fly Blade, the largest arranger of helicopters for civilian travel in the US, is starting its helicopter services in the country through a joint venture with local venture capital firm Hunch Ventures. The new company, Blade India, will offer intercity helicopter services, though it will be initially available only in Mumbai. Flights would depart from Juhu and Mahalaxmi, connecting with heliports in Pune and Shirdi. It aims to eventually offer services on intracity routes.

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