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HAL in heaven: Thanks to charter flights and joy rides, HAL airport is buzzing with activity after 1

The pandemic, strangely, has been good for Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) airport. The airport which was closed for commercial operations since 2008, has been seeing a surge in helicopter charter and air ambulance operations in the last eight months.

After Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) started operations, HAL airport had ceased commercial operations to honour the concessional agreement which bars operating flights within an aerial distance of 150 km from KIA.

However, during the last few months after the Unlock phases came into effect, helicopter operators have been offering chartered flights and joy rides for passengers from HAL airport. Thumby Aviation has operated both chartered flights from Bengaluru to various destinations like Chikamagaluru, Hampi, Karwar, Mysuru, Coimbatore, Madikeri, Davanagere and Ooty. “HAL has been very supportive in our charter operations. It is convenient to operate out of there as all facilities are readily available at the airport. We operated three charters from there this week,” said Govind Nair, head, business development, Thumby Aviation. Read More

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