• Anushree Bhattacharyya

How with no plans to advertise BLADE is positioning itself as a premium air-taxi

Blade Urban Air Mobility Program in India: The air-taxi has begun operations in Mumbai, Pune, and Shirdi, today

Blade Air Taxi Service in India: BLADE India – the Indian arm of US-based start-up BLADE Urban Air Mobility, Inc, which has rolled out its services in India, has positioned itself as a premium service. With this, the company will not advertise instead it will focus on creating loyalty programs and will depend on financial service providers such as American Express. “ This is a new product for a market like India which is targetted at the urban population. We have just started and we will rely on word-of-mouth in addition to digital. On digital, we plan to drive a very targetted conversation. We don’t plan to advertise, currently, especially on traditional medium” Rob Wiesenthal, CEO, BLADE, told BrandWagon Online.

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