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Mumbai to Pune, Mumbai to Shirdi helicopter service to start mid-October

This October, the Mumbai to Pune helicopter service will turn into a reality for residents of both the metropolitan cities. The news about the launch of this service went viral on the web early December 2018, and it was supposed to launch in March 2019. However, the project got delayed for some reasons.

However, the American helicopter taxi service BLADE will now be starting its operations in India with fly-by-the-seat helicopter services between Mumbai and Pune. In addition, BLADE India will also run heli-taxis from Mumbai to Shirdi. Meanwhile, BLADE India has procured all the necessary licenses and permits to run helicopter services from mid-October. The service will be available six days a week every Monday to Saturday from Mumbai and Pune, as well as Mumbai and Shirdi. According to the news reports, the helicopters will have scheduled operational hours, which means they will run even if they are not full to their capacity, and they will run on seat-by-seat basis. Reportedly, the chopper service will cut down travel time from Mumbai and Pune to only 35 minutes.

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