• Saumya Ancheri

Need a high? Here are helicopter rides you can take right now

From the lakes of Udaipur to the peaks of Himalayas, whatever you need for relief from the lockdown is one short chopper ride away

BLADE India, for rides over Mumbai, Pune

Private charters are available within Maharashtra, including travel to Mumbai, Pune; Lonavala, Panchgani, Silvassa and Chakan. Safety measures include contactless temperature checks of crew and passengers, masks and face shields for all aboard, sanitisation of the lounges and cars, and aircraft decontamination with an airline-grade fogging system after each flight. Daily shared flight services resume in October 2020; a single ticket on the Mumbai-Pune-Shirdi routes starts at Rs15,000 while charter prices to other destinations start at Rs1,00,000 per hour and includes services such as pick-up and dropoff. BLADE India is planning to expand operations in the country beginning with Karnataka, where it will offer intercity, intracity, experiential and charter flights. More details here. Book a private charter on BLADE India’s helpline (1800-1025233).

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