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NY based Aviation Startup BLADE Starting India Operation to Create Your Own Crowdsourced Flights

New York, U.S-based Blade, an aviation startup co-founded by former Sony and Warner Music Group executive Rob Wiesenthal and GroupMe co-founder Steve Martocci, is starting its operations in India in March 2019, with its maiden flight taking off between Mumbai and Pune.

Touted as “Uber-for-Helipcopters”, BLADE is a digitally-powered aviation startup that allows users to create their own crowdsourced flights or purchase seats on pre-existing flights that are usually short distance.

BLADE is said to be setting up its India subsidiary called “Blade India” in a joint venture with a Delhi-based equity investment firm, Hunch Ventures. The joint venture has not yet settled on prices for its India service, but promises to price the flights significantly lower than private chartered jets.

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