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Take a Chopper Ride Between Cities

A premium name in the urban air mobility space, BLADE India are here to revamp intercity travel in India

In some traffic-choked cities in the world, helicopters are a solution. Intercity flying in your own helicopter is an experience in itself. With premium carriers and expert team to curate the best travel experience for you, BLADE India is all set to revamp the way you travel between cities.

A pioneering name and first movers in the commercial vertical aircraft space in the country, and in the international urban aviation arena, BLADE is a trusted name with an expert team who prioritise every aspect of your travel when you fly with them.T

he initiative will be a joint venture between BLADE Urban Air Mobility Inc. USA and Hunch Ventures, a privately held investment firm.

BLADE launched in December of 2019 with debut services in the Mumbai-Pune – Shirdi corridor. They are now expanding into the Karnataka region this month.

Within two months of launching, BLADE India had successfully flown over 1,000 people in the Maharashtra sector.

You can book by the seat or take a chartered flight. You can travel by helicopter, seaplane or a jet. All services can be booked on their website or from the mobile application available on Google Play Store and Apple store.

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