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The Quorum: Hospitality in a Trying Year

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

As a physical space that is centered around values of hospitality and community building, it's safe to say that COVID had us shaken - but not stirred.

While the year started off on a rocky note, we took the lockdown by the horns to reimagine our brand experience - resulting in an upgraded website, a significant perks package for Q members, a new delivery vertical, as well as the launch of The Q App.

With enhanced safety & hygiene protocols in place, we have now been open for over 100 days and are learning & adapting to this new normal every day. In addition to this, we have made significant infrastructural improvements such as upgrading our AC systems to include UV filters that zap airborne contaminants.

With every problem, comes the opportunity for new solutions.

As the world shifted to a WFH or remote work model, we invested in HD video conferencing equipment to encourage and allow our members to use our facilities as their private workspace. Our programming calendar has stayed stocked with interesting conversations that are now available for members to consume digitally.

While the value proposition of reciprocal access to over 50 clubs around the world may be temporarily diminished due to the absence of travel, we rallied our reciprocal partners and are in the process of creating a platform to digitally share content from clubs around the world.

Our roots remain as deeply entrenched in hospitality as ever - and we are grateful for this opportunity to be able to provide our members a sanctuary for all their needs. With a renewed focus on F&B - we have introduced several culinary specials at the club and also accelerated our delivery business.

The past few months have brought forth a strong focus on building confidence with our member base. We have found that the social contract of a members only club allows us to be a bit more predictable in these unpredictable times, which allows our members to lean on us in times such as these.


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