People Before Ideas.

Hunch invests in entrepreneurs who apply technology to elevate lifestyles, power creativity and increase productivity.

We are at The Circle in India.

Our Investments


How We Add Value


We believe ourselves to be sector-agnostic but have mostly invested in entrepreneurs who have built technology solutions that intersect with the lifestyle space.

We also do not look at the stage of the company, whether it is a startup or a long-standing business, and instead, look at its relevance to the market now and in the future. Our investments have ranged from a couple of hundred thousand to over $50 Mil in the companies that we believe in.


We operate out of The Circle. Work in India. The Circle. Work is a lifestyle space that includes, co-working, business acceleration, corporate innovation, and international bridge programs.


For idea-stage and early-stage entrepreneurs, we enrol them in The Circle's Founder's Club accelerator and also provide them with a network to angel investors and mentors associated with the accelerator.


We have invested in people and not their ideas. We are constantly looking for synergies between our investments, and will hence enable you to connect with other companies in our portfolio to partner and co-create.


In fact, the best way to get in touch with us is to go through our database of entrepreneurs and find the entrepreneur who can evaluate your business or idea the best, and then ask for an introduction.